At the moment Sandra has just completed the first draft of It Begins But Never Ends - the Atlantis story. Using ideas and some story content from her first book It Begins But Never Ends she has written the screenplay of the same name. With an understanding that the book in full was not suitable for adaptation, Sandra slightly changed the story to suit adaptation, changed the main characters to a degree and some location parts, to form a story that would suit film.

The next screenplay to be started in the future will be the Prequel Atlantis-the end times. This story will be set back in the ancient times and will have a similar feel to the American epic 'Troy'.


If you are interested in looking at this complete script or talking to Sandra about this exciting project please email her.

To read logline, information and a sample of the first ten pages of the script please click on the link below:

It Begins But Never Ends - Movie Script



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