NO HOPE IN HELL    138 min feature based on true life.  Crime.  
©Sandra L. Rogers 2005


Logline: After a horrific abduction by a priest a rebellious teenager turns to a life of crime until a young Sicilian girl captures his heart and gives him a reason to change. 

*A rebellious teenager bought up in poverty with alcoholic parents struggles for a better life. Being on the receiving end of punishment for things that were not his fault and being raped by a catholic priest paves the way for a life of crime for Marty. Stealing cars every time he’s drunk lands him in jail for most of his teenage years. The only happy times when he’s outside are spent with his friend Tommy a straight guy with no arms.

When Marty meets Maria, a 15yr old Sicilian girl from a strict family it is love at first sight, but the feelings they have must be kept a secret until she is older. When Maria’s father finds out she is seeing a criminal he tries to pay Marty off to get out of his daughter’s life. Marty hits the grog and steals another car thus going back to jail again. Through this turbulent time Maria writes to him constantly, believing he can change. But Maria’s parents are determined that Angelo a good Sicilian boy should marry their daughter and her brother Tony sets in motion a plan to wreck their relationship. Doing 2 years hard labour in a maximum security prison becomes a nightmare from hell for Marty and when he is released Maria has it out with him yelling that he has to wake up and choose her or jail! Unfortunately bad luck sees Marty in jail again. This time he is abused so badly he almost dies, and believing he has lost Maria he gives up all hope. He is transferred to Milson Island where he recovers and is released with a “No Alcohol” clause. Realizing Maria still loves him is a defining moment, now he is more determined than ever he will never go back to jail.

After his release he marries Maria to the joy of his mother and Tommy and to the terse acceptance of her family.



Maurice Ivory never went back to jail again.

He settled down into married life and kept his promise to Maria and stayed out of trouble and gave up alcohol and drugs.

When he became a father he gave his daughter all the love and support that he never received from his father. He taught her good moral values and to live within the guidelines of the law, so that she would never have to experience what he went through.

These days Maurice has been responsible for saving many a young person from a life of crime by counselling disturbed teenagers.  

The Vincent Report in 1975  which led to investigations into the prison system started with Maurice’s cases. 

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