LOG LINE:  A telemarketer is stalked while a serial killer murders her friends and she fights the feelings she has developed for the prime suspect. 


TAG:     Donít be frightened, itís just a job.. pick up the phone, dial the number.




With her husband always away, lonely mum Juanita starts work as a Telemarketer in Surfers Paradise. Suddenly she finds herself living in fear as a serial killer stalks her and murders her work mates. At Swallow Marketing the police investigation uncovers three male suspects, Bazza who has harassed women on the phone before, William a sleaze who is into pornography and the boss's son Cameron.

When the killer closes in on her friend Sasha Juanita takes a stand determined she won't end up like the others. But her emotions are out of control as she denies the feelings she has developed for the prime suspect.    


 © Sandra L. Rogers 2005

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