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SANDRA L. ROGERS, Screenplay Writer and Author


AN UNBELIEVABLE LIFE - Authorised Biography of Lynn Santer

Written by Sandra L. Rogers
Unbelievable life cover

She counts Hollywood superstars and senior politicians among her closest friends.

She’s walked with wild lions in Africa and through the corridors of power in  London’s Houses of Parliament.  

Her philanthropic contributions have helped children in Third World countries learn to read, and exposed ongoing brutal atrocities against endangered big game by a former US President.  

She’s piloted light aircraft, acted as special consultant to the British Government on an eleven billion pound per annum legislative reform, planned covert missions with ex Special Forces commandos into Africa, brought Saddam Hussein’s personal   pilot together with an ultra orthodox Israeli Rabbi in a peace initiative, dated  multi-millionaires, authored the authorised biography of Australia’s most private man, the original wild man and wildlife warrior Alby Mangels, dived with sharks, and survived the crazed assault of a “fatal attraction” psycho.  

Lynn Santer aka “Auntie Lynn” has indeed led an unbelievable life, so much so she rarely talks about it for fear people, well, wouldn’t believe her. 

Never before has she openly spoken about the intimate details, and exposed all the evidence to back up her stories, as she does now to close friend and fellow author, Sandra Rogers. 

This grippingly page-turning biography drips with celebrity, intrigue, triumph against Herculean odds, and achievements that truly defy belief.

……….Floyd Cowan – former Editor-in-Chief XL Magazine. 

A whirlwind of a life, and a woman! Lynn Santer takes on the world with  inspirational determination and passion.

……….Kirstine Lumb – Journalist, A Current Affair, Channel Nine

'This is an extraordinarily vivid portrait of a larger-than-life personality whose amazing adventures could probably fill several more volumes. Lynn Santer is an inspiration!'

……….Jenny Brown, New Idea

About the Author 

Sandra Lorraine Rogers was born in Sydney Australia of Scottish Russian heritage and finished her senior education at Manly Girls’ High School. Sandra has lived in Cairns Nth Queensland and on the Greek Island of Santorini for two years where she found the inspiration to write her first book It Begins But Never Ends.

She is an Advanced PADI diver and with her husband, Bruce, has dived shipwrecks around the world. She now lives on the Gold Coast with her husband where they both run Zeus Publications.

Sandra is a member of the Australian Writers’ Guild and has been a guest speaker at various Writers’ Groups including the renowned Somerset Celebration of Literature. As well as writing three novels she has studied screenplay writing and has written four feature-length screenplays Waves of Torment, The Telemarketer, No Hope in Hell, and It Begins But Never Ends along with writing and directing several short films.

Dedication from Sandra L Rogers 

Only when you have been the best and worst of friends

can you truly understand a person: 

For my special friend Lynn


Dedication from Lynn 

First and foremost to my parents whose strength, wisdom, dignity, grace and guidance have made me who I am today. To know my parents is to know me for I am, without question, a product in equal parts not only of their genetics but of their characters, for which I am humbly grateful. 

With eternal love to my sister, my nephews who are the true loves of my life, and my brother-in-law. 

With eternal devotion to all the animals who’ve touched my soul. 

To the closest, best, and most supportive friends a person could ever be blessed with: Liza Rothman nee Elizabeth Abrams aka Dizzy Lizzy, Mandy Marks wherever you are today, Darren Bracken, Deidre Anderson, Roselyn Poon, Barbara and Clive Fagenbaum, Neira Jones nee Benchabane, Mike Pilcher, Roland Slee, Juanita Carberry, Simon Lever, the beautiful Tippi Hedren, Shane Greaves, Sandra and Bruce Rogers, Clinton Smith, John and Joy Beacham, Gary Vernon Shugg, Marianne Capocci, Barry Crocker AM, Darren Russell, Rabbi Gurevitch, Ali Al-Wahabi, Robyn Wigmore, Charles Plumb, Peter Coyne, Sir John Butterfill MP, Roger Gale MP, Chris Daykin CB, my wonderful neighbours, Jean and Guy Thomas, all my amazing cousins – especially cousin Laurence, Lindsay Barrett, the inspirational Meryl Harrison, and Mike (my cousin the judge, “I don’t get out much”) Shelton. 

To those who have positively influenced and guided me: Malcolm Payne, Sir John Butterfill MP, Roger Gale MP, Chris Daykin CB, The Lord Archer of Weston-super-Mare, Alain Bois, Peter Coyne, the fabulous Rabbi Nir Gurevitch, Rabbi Eddie Jackson, Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, and Narda Newman-Harris. 

To my Russian goddaughter and her mother, Alina and Irina Young nee Andreyuk. 

To the men who’ve been part of my life – you know who you are. 

To my ranger and tracker in Africa: Eric and Derrick.  

And to those whose work to save wildlife I admire so much: Meryl Harrison, Tippi Hedren/Shambala/The ROAR Foundation, Virginia McKenna OBE/The Born Free Foundation, Patrick Martin-Vegue/The Endangered Tiger Fund, Mark Townend and everyone in the RSPCA, The AfriCat Foundation, and Conservation Corporation Africa who left me with the thought…  

“May the footprints you leave behind show you walked in kindness to all living things.”

Foreword by Tippi Hedren 

Think of all the ideas, careers, the goals, the wishes, the desires you’ve had in your lifetime, or still have flitting around your brain. 

Perhaps you have wanted to travel to exotic countries, climb the highest mountain, and persevere in getting legislation passed regarding a major issue. 

Perhaps flying a plane, writing books about special people or a series of books for children that will let their imaginations fly with delight and teach them values and morals. 

Being friends with celebrities around the world, calling several tigers by name are just some of the accomplishments of Lynn Santer. 

You will be in awe and very likely a bit envious of this energetic, undefeatable, charming, loving woman. 

I’ve known Lynn to be a most prolific writer; creativity springs from her mind while her heavily-lashed eyes sparkle with enthusiasm and excitement. 

Few can keep up with Lynn; she’s a great friend and a woman to be admired.  

I do! 

With love to Lynn Santer, thank you for gracing us with your presence on this Planet Earth. 

.................Tippi Hedren

In Store Price: $35.95 
Online Price:   $34.95

ISBN: 978-1-921731-03-7  
Format: B5 Paperback

Number of pages: 350

Non Fiction

The fabulous launch of the book was held at the Sheraton Mirage in July 2010 - here are some photos of the event:

Photos courtesy Aldwyn Altuney

sandra and lynn
Sandra and Lynn at the launch
book launch
Clive Dalkins, Marilyn Higgins
(Zeus Publications Management), with Sandra and Bruce Rogers
book launch
Mike Lake (film producer), Cosima DeVito (entertainer) and Lynn Santer at the launch.
barry crocker
Barry Crocker wows the audience
Emily Williams
Emily Williams sings
Comsimo Devito
Australian Idol winner Cosimo Devito


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