WAVES OF TORMENT   By Sandra L. Rogers

(Romance Drama)
©Sandra L. Rogers 2005

approx: 120 min

Reg. No. 7794 (Australian Writer's Guild)




 A wild Surfie falls in love with a beautiful Italian girl who has survived a brutal rape and faces a killer who was once a friend and a shocking secret that will test the bounds of forgiveness.




A girl is bashed and raped, will she survive her tormented life? The evidence points to a Bikie or could it be a friend or a stranger.

Set among the surfing community of the 60's Waves takes us from endless days of surfing to the horrors of the Vietnam War where love is tainted with guilt and revenge.



When a beautiful young Italian girl is found lying naked in a pool of blood amongst the grass reeds of a Lagoon, a tranquil surfing beach turns into the home of an evil tormented soul.

Set among the surfing community of the Sydney beaches in the 1960's Waves of Torment traces the life of Teresa, a Surfie called Garth and his friend Dick. From the excitement of going to her first Surf Club dance and meeting Garth, and learning to ride a surfboard to the terror of being raped and left for dead. Teresa overcomes her nightmare existence to become a famous model, the Face of Waves cosmetics. For Garth all he dreams of is riding the big waves in Hawaii. He lives the life of a beach bum until he is called up for the Vietnam War. While Dick goes cane cutting, then disappears overseas.

In Vietnam Garth meets Jackson, a former Bikie who was suspected of Teresa's rape. When Garth sees Jackson raping a VC girl he shoots him. Among the horror and bloodshed he faces Dick who is now a US soldier.

When Garth returns from the war he is intent on finding Teresa whom he loves. When they finally meet a passionate romance begins only for fate to twist an evil hand. An unexpected climax brings Teresa, Garth and Dick together on a deserted island where a fight to the death between Dick and Garth sets old scores right.

 But the huge waves of Hawaii might have the last say, for it is there that the shocking truth of Teresa's rape is found.



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