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Do you have an incomplete manuscript that you need help finishing?

Do you have a manuscript which needs spelling, grammar and punctuation brought to publication standard?

Are you a first-time author with little or no experience in the publication arena?

These are all things that can be done for you along with help in the submission process.

If your work is finished but you are unsure if it would meet the standard required for publication Sandra will, at a reasonable cost agreed upon by you, supply you with a 2-3 page critique which will explain fully the areas that require your attention.

If you have a truly original story or idea and wish to transform it into a novel, nonfiction book or auto- biography, then you have already taken the first step towards success. Sandra Rogers' service has a proven record of transforming ideas into published, critically acclaimed works.

Ghostwriting projects generally take nine to twelve months, depending on the length of the work and research carried out. Prices for full-length novels and screenplays vary and Sandra is happy to quote on your particular job.

Sandra does not work with every person who submits their work, however, she does consider your goals for the book or script and will give you her fair opinion of the idea's potential.  


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